Residential Real Estate

How can we help?

  1. We help you discover the right financing options.
  2. A licensed real estate agent will show you some potential fixer-uppers.
  3. A licensed contractor will perform a preliminary home inspection to detect potentially problematic areas.
  4. An interior designer can recommend solutions that will work best for your lifestyle.
  5. Renovation work will be completed.

Why didn’t your realtor tell you about this option?

Because they make a commission on the sale price of the home, not the total amount approved for a loan. They will look to sell you a home at the top of your budget so that they make top dollar as well. This can potentially leave you in a position of living in a turn key home, but perhaps you don’t like every finish in the home. By this point, you may not have any cash left to make the minor updates to your living space.

Using a renovation loan, you can finance the entire project and receive a fully custom end product.

Our process

Blueprint Group will refer you to a number of mortgage lenders that are experienced in renovation loans so that you can get pre-approval. This will help us to understand the total budget for your new home.

Next, one of our realtors will show you homes that meet your criteria. These homes will likely need a renovation to get them to suite your taste.

Our team will assemble and submit the scope of work to the lender for approval. An appraisal will be done to verify the ARV (after renovation value). When all is accomplished you close on your new house.

Construction is then free to begin after you close on the house. The bank will perform multiple inspections throughout to pay the contractor draws on the amount of work completed.

Increase your home sale price

Are you hoping to get top dollar for your home? We can advise you on the right improvements to maximize your home’s potential and attract more buyers. We will do a thorough inspection of your house and make some recommendations, along with what you would expect to pay for those updates.

Some suggestions we’ve made are to update the paint, stage the home, update the landscaping, have your home professionally organized and cleaned, update the kitchens and bathrooms, replace carpets and rugs, and more.

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